We offer a platform for collecting, storing
and creating value from sensor data

Our value proposition

You have been busy thinking about what sensors to deploy and how and where to deploy them. You also have spent quite some time envisioning the services which will exploit the data they produce. On our side we've dedicated our energy to building the best data management platform to help accelerate your progress from sensors to services.

Health and Sport

We were born from the needs of the Smart Sensing consortium which creates connected fabric used in sports garments.

In close connection with Cityzen Sciences, we analyze data for sport, health and wellness markets. Cityzen Data can explore deep sets of historical data from a large range of sources.

Cityzen Data addresses worldwide companies and SME to give value from new services they can propose to their own customers, users or patients. Cityzen Data already has strong connections, partnerships and clients in Europe, China and USA in the fields of sports, health and wellness

Our Markets

Cityzen Data propose an unique solution that addresses all markets segments that have to deal with geo time series, specially those coming from any kind of sensors.

Cityzen Data adresses worldwide market. Strong connections have been setup with USA, China, Middle East, Latin America.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Shanghai (UTSEUS Lab) to develop common research on Smart City issues.

Our team


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